Behaviour Problems Solved
Restoring harmony from the comfort of your own home
With more than 12 years experience, I can help you with all your dogs problem behaviour, whether it be walking on the lead, toilet training, socialisation issues, hyperactivity and aggression, or anything else in between, only using the same techniques I would use on my own dog. 
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    An expert in Dog Behaviour, I am the proud author of How to be the Perfect Pack Leader, an excellent companion while you work on your dogs behaviour, available in Digital and Paperback formats from
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    I am as committed to your success as your are, which is why there is no charge for aftercare and support via the phone or email - its unlimited to, so you can rest easy there will always be someone to help whenever you need it!
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    I have been solving all kinds of dog behaviour problems since 2004; whether it be in rescue centres, at home with foster dogs or with private clients, so you can be sure the techniques I use have been fully tried and tested.