Frequently asked questions

Here's a few of my most frequestly asked questions, if you can't find the information you need from here, please don't hesitate to contact me.
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    Do you come to me?
    Absolutely, your dog will behave more naturally in his own environment, which, in turn, will allow me to more accurately assess the problem and recommend the right solution.
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    How far do you travel?
    Normally I am happy to drive to areas that are within 90 mins drive of Dundee. If you think you are outside this area, please do get in touch, I might still be able to help you.
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    What types of training methods do you use?
    I am experienced with most modern techniques, including using clickers, target and touch techniques. I only use kind methods that will help you better communicate with your dog.
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    What payment methods do you accept?
    I prefer cash on the day, but I am able to accept most credit and debit cards via my chip and pin machine.
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    Will I need more than one session?
    It is my aim to train you so that you can confidently train your dog yourself, so for most people, only one session is needed. However, puppy's usually need more than one as do dogs with very complex or multiple problems.
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    I work full time, can you come at the weekend?
    Yes, that's not a problem. I work Monday to Sunday
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    I am afraid my dog may bite, can you still help?
    Yes, absolutely, but if you are worried then we will take plenty of precautions. I want your consultation to be a positive experience for all involved, so don't forget to bring it up at the time of booking so we can discuss different options.
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    How much does it cost?
    Please get in touch and Caroline will send you a quote free of charge.
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