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Publishing a book was always a dream of mine and I was lucky enough to write a book about what I love the most - dog behaviour. 

My main aim with How to be the Perfect Pack Leader was to write something different to all other dog training books on the market, something that was easy to follow and had clear instructions too.  I hope I have achieved this, many people comment that I have but I'll let you judge for yourself.
I am fortunte enough to occassionally get the oppurtunity to write on dog training and behaviour for publication, here are links to some articles I have written and, of course, my book.
Why Socialising With Other Dogs Is More Important Than You Think
Being able to get on with other dogs is an essential skill for your dog, not only will it make your dog happier, he will be calmer and more biddable too

Why Does my Dog Bark
Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, we’ll explore the most common ones here, and find out what can be done about it.

Mastering the Walk
Dogs look great when they are walking to heel with their owners, but so many people struggle with it, read on to find out how it’s done.
The book has remained consistently popular and currently has five stars and has been read all over the world.
Why every dog should have a crate
I think crates are great; when used properly they can help you solve a whole bunch of problems, find out why I love them and how to get the best out of yours.

Managing fears, phobias and anxieties in your dog
For some dogs, fears, phobias and anxieties can be life effecting, here we will talk about the causes and some strategies to help the anxious dog.

Why and how you should create a solid bond with your dog
Nurturing a strong bond with your dog has benefits for both of you, I’ll explain why and crucially, what you can do to make it even stronger.

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Kennel or Couch - what's best for your dog?
Ever wondered whether your dog would be better off living outside in a kennel or in your home with you? There are plenty of opinions of the subject, let Caroline walk you through the pro’s and con’s.

Why I say No to retractable leads
Find out why I hold a grudge against retractable leads, and why you probably should too!

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