I always encourage my clients to stay in touch after their consultation via email or phone, that way I can make sure they achieve the results they want, and if there is a problem, the techniques can easily be tweaked to make them more effective, but mostly I just get great feedback from families, below are just a few messages that I have picked out to share with you.

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  1. Jenn, Belfast
    "I just wanted to thank you for the work you did with us that gave me 6 great years with my best mate. Because of this him and I had a very close bond and he was an honour to own. Thank you very much."
  2. Vanessa, Co Tyrone
    "Caroline is amazing with dogs. Within one consultation, I could see a great change in my dog. She has shown me how to traing my dog and I will be forever grateful."
  3. Margaret, Co Down
    "Caroline is so easy to talk to and dealt with my dogs with such calm patience she is worth every penny. She has taught us how to enjoy our time together without the drama and stress."
  4. Elaine, Co Armagh
    "Best money I have ever spent. Caroline spent a few hours with Max and to my amazement I now have a totally new dog. Max is totally different and we are now enjoying our walks (without the looks from other people). Thank you Caroline."
  5. Christina, Co Down
    "Thank you so much, after three hours training there was a huge change in Milo and us!!! Today he's like a different dog... We'll be keeping up the work. Thank you soooooo much Caroline."
  6. Lynn, Co Down
    "Hi Caroline, just had Charlie out and he woz even better this time, you're a miracle worker thats all I can say, thank u so much."
  7. John, Co Antrim
    "She's got some gift with the dogs, I didn't think anyone could fix this dog - he was a monster, no one could touch him, now he is the friendliest dog in the world. Unbelievable. Would recommend her to anyone."
  8. Rebecca, Belfast
    "We can't thank you enough for all your help - it's been truly invaluable as now we have a dog we're proud of! And my parents are completely chuffed, even if they do have suspicions you're a witch doctor of some kind..."