Your Behaviour Consultation

With more than 12 years experience, I can help you with all your dogs problem behaviour, whether it be walking on the lead, toilet training, socialisation issues, hyperactivity and aggression, or anything else in between, only using the same techniques I would use on my own dog. 
Restoring harmony from the comfort of your own home

Working Privately with clients, in and around Dundee, means that Caroline can  tailor your training to perfectly suit  your dogs needs, unlike a training class where the needs of the many are more often catered for.

1-2-1 Sessions allow Caroline to concentrate only on your dog, meaning she can do a proper assessment of your dog and the problems you are having, and then give you specific advice tailored for you and your dog, meaning you will get the right advice first time, saving you time and money blindly experimenting with solutions offered by friends, the internet or in a five minute consultation at the end of a class.

There will always be plenty of time during the session to test the techniques Caroline will recomend, so not only will you be confident that you know what you are doing by the end of the session, but for most types of problems you will have already seen an improvement in your dogs behaviour, so you can be confident the training will definitely work for you.

Caroline only uses techniques she has tried and tested on her own dogs so you can be assured they are all kind to your dog, and with more than fourteen years experience solving behaviour problems for clients, in rescue and in her own home, you can be assured she will have just the right techniques up her sleeve for your dog.

​She won't abandon you after the session is over either, unlimited help and support is available to all clients, so she will continue to work with you to make sure the techniques continue to work, and if you think you would benefit from a top up session afterwards then that can easily be arranged.
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Private Consultations

Proper Assessment

Tailored Advice

Unlimited Support

Tried and Tested Techniques

Immediate Improvement For Most Problems

Kind Training Methods

Unlimited Support

Fourteen Years Experience

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I will normally travel to areas that are up to 90mins drive from DD4, Dundee. But please get in touch if you are outside that area, I may still be able to help you.